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Anyone else done apologising? ✊🏻

I was sitting in a circle of women recently where one woman shared that she worked in a medical office doing vaginal examinations. She said that EVERY SINGLE woman apologises in some way for her yoni while she conducts these routine examinations. Too much hair or too little hair etc etc etc etc! ⁣

This blew my mind. And then I thought … damn! I have totally done that! ⁣

I have thought about this every day since because in my mind this is a metaphor for a larger dynamic at play here. ⁣

Why are so many women apologising when revealing this sensitive & sacred space in the body to health practitioners? Why is there so much shame surrounding the yoni?? We all come from one! ⁣

Perhaps that is a deep question to explore on your own … but I am DEFINITELY not fucking apologising anymore! ⁣

Anyone else done apologising? 


New Moon in Gemini 🌑

Here we are again, folks… Happy New Moon in Gemini 🌑

How does it feel to ebb and flow with the moon and its cycles? How does it feel to acknowledge the inner workings of your own sacred cycles? ⁣

You may be having ALL the feels lately as we are riding a wave of excitement and inspiration moving forward while at the same time experiencing a reckoning of our old stories and habits as we outgrow this old structure. As we outgrow structures in our own lives we also see this reflected on the larger world stage as humanity outgrows its old patriarchal structures (Pluto in Capricorn till 2024 for all you astrology nerds). 🤓

Anyway…Gemini brings winds of emotions and ideas rapidly expanding with creativity. Don’t be too attached. This is not a time of clarity for precise decision making, as there will be a little chaos in the air while emotions run high the next few days. ⁣

Just let your brain wander… see what FEELS like an exciting idea in your body. This can be a time of brand new ideas taking seed which with a bit of love and care can come to fruition by December 2019’s Full Moon in Gemini. It is all about cycles folks. So plant your seeds wisely. ⁣

Also… Be especially mindful of your words today. Your words have power and carry an effect that we are often unconscious of. Cast your word spells wisely. Focus on nurturing inner self talk and loving gratitude with others and the natural world around you. ⁣




Body knowledge

This is the reason my one-on-one appointments are so education-based. In my opinion, knowledge of your own body is the first step to true self-care and agency over your personal choices. When we are empowered with knowledge our choices can better serve us. ⁣

Do you feel empowered by the health care professionals you see? ⁣

#wakeupcall #bodyautonomy #thereisanotherway ⁣



This is a great herb to boost cognitive function. It oxygenates the brain and studies show it aids memory recall. There are many studies on this plant! It is helpful in cases of cognitive decline in the elderly or those with Alzheimer’s or brain injuries. It is also very helpful for those whose minds are dulled from drug/alcohol abuse. ⁣

I find this herb sharpens my sensory perception in general. Sound, scent, and taste become more vibrant. It is a very ancient tree so it can bring a bit of wisdom as well! ⁣

It is no surprise that Ginkgo has such a powerful effect on the brain…This plant is a perfect example of the #doctrineofsignatures due to the fan-like shape of the leaves which look like the two hemispheres of the brain when splitting in half. This is a safe one for beginners to experiment with at home by making tea- although the taste is in my opinion! So I often combine with peppermint and honey to make it more palatable.


Red Raspberry Leaf

Most people are using this plant incorrectly. And it’s getting on my nerves.

Did your midwife or doula suggest you begin drinking this tea the week of your due date to induce labour?

Well, Red Raspberry leaf does not induce labour. This is a tonic plant- meaning that we need to drink this daily to receive the medicinal benefits. Herbs that actually stimulate or induce labour cannot be ingested daily because they are too intense.

So what is the ideal way to drink Red Raspberry leaf tea to support birth?

Begin drinking it before you get pregnant. Drink 1-3 cups (it combines well with other herbs too) daily to prepare the uterine tissues for pregnancy. Then drink again daily throughout the 2nd/3rd trimester (depends on your personal situation, check with a practitioner) to prepare the body for birth. Often women have a more effective and productive labour when they use Red Raspberry leaf in this way. So please spread the word on how to properly use this plant!


Deep Healing

What does true healing look like for you? Do you feel clear on what you need to feel well and whole? When is the last time you felt truly at ease in your life, strong in your spirit & body?⁣

Our culture typically identifies healing from a linear quick-fix perspective. If you have a pain you take a pill to eliminate said pain. If you have a fever you take a pill to eliminate it. These symptoms are deeper messages. If we continue to ignore them they manifest into something greater in the body. ⁣

If you have seen me as a client, you know I have a long intake form. I ask you a lot about your past. This helps me form a full picture of what your body, mind, & spirit has been through thus far in your life. ⁣

That time you went to Bali and got awful Bali Belly? Yes, I need to know about that because that permanently affected your gut bacteria. That time you took all your birth control pills to not bleed for months and months? Yep I need to know about that too. That time in Year 12 you were so stressed your hair started falling out? Yes, I need to know about that too. ⁣

Healing is nonlinear. Sometimes things from the past are still affecting our health and well-being and we don’t even know it! I find that the healing process is actually a revealing of sorts. Your body is revealing information. Your emotions are revealing old repressed feelings. Your hurt and your pain matter just as much as your diagnoses and surgery. This is full spectrum medicine. ⁣

Healing is a web we weave every day with our choices. Find practitioners to work with that feel like an ally in this web-weaving process. Work with people you trust and remember that you are the true healer for yourself, no one else! Believe in the process unfolding and revealing new depths of your experience. Remember that healing is not linear. It will surprise you time and time again.

Wishing you well as your journey unfolds 🕊


Healthy periods

I have heard many practitioners say that if we have a “healthy” period we should be able to carry on just like any other day. You should not feel any physical discomfort or strong emotions. You should be able to keep functioning with your normal duties.

Don’t rest. Don’t feel emotional. Stay productive. Keep working. Keep pushing yourself harder. This is all perpetuating more unhealthy habits.

I think this framework for thinking about menstruation as being “healthy” if only we don’t feel anything and are able to continue being productive is really missing the point and true power of menstruation. I also find it to be a very toxic message that we hear frequently in our society. Keep working worker 🐝

I am going to share some different perspectives… because I am really tired of any health framework that is trying to put us all in one box.

  1. We are all different. So our bodies will all express the menstrual cycle differently. We all have our own version of what a healthy cycle is for us. Work with a practitioner you like. Find what works for you. Listen to your body.
  2. Menstruation connects us to the animal kingdom and the natural world. Yes, it really is a personal “Moon cycle”. Sensitivity is normal- a bleeding animal is always vulnerable in the jungle. Humans may be mostly domesticated at this point but menstruation is still a gateway to this wild instinctual way of living on this Earth. Our senses can be greatly heightened during this time if we open our awareness.
  3. Menstruation is a time of deep insight. Have you heard of the #redtent concept? We are supposed to be still and listen to guidance arising within us. It is difficult to tap into this insight when we prioritise productivity. The silence and the stillness is the true medicine.
  4. It is near impossible to connect with this deep menstrual intuition if our bodies are running on synthetic hormones. This intuition quickly comes back though!

What is your moon time like?

🌹Mine is a psychic explosion of clairvoyance and creativity. I am not productive during this time. I turn inward. I pray, cry, sit with spirit guidance, sing and play the guitar. I eat little on day one. I drink lots of herbal tea.



One of my most beloved plants, Yarrow ⁣or Achilleamillefolium.

Energetically this plant helps create better boundaries. I am always checking in with my clients and asking if they have good boundaries- most people say no! ⁣

Creating emotional boundaries or psychic boundaries with others can be extremely difficult for those with very open and receiving auras. This plant is wonderful for the overly empathic person whose mind is left spinning when in crowds of people or in busy environments. I personally suffer from this and find Yarrow so helpful. ⁣

This is a key plant for those that take on the energy of others. We all do this to a certain extent but some people can be walking around for days in a funk after absorbing another’s negativity, sadness, anger etc. Some children are especially prone to this type of hypersensitivity, for these children Yarrow flower essence is very helpful to create a kind of safety net around them. ⁣

On a physical level, the constituents of this plant have an astringent effect on the body- meaning this plant literally tightens loose tissue states that arise in the body. Think of when you drink red wine and your tongue feels dry- this is astringency. ⁣
Often we can observe how plants affect the physical body and that healing quality is projected out further into the aura. Yarrow is a perfect example of this. It tightens and tones loose tissues which then translates to a tightening and toning of the aura- which helps us have better boundaries. ⁣

Damn…. plants are so magic, right?!🌿


Listen to your body

Slow contemplative days drinking Pu-erh & writing 🌿

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on how many people tell me they do not listen to their bodies. This is a modern epidemic in my opinion. Most of my clients can acknowledge some ways that they don’t listen to their inner guidance. Some don’t tune in to basic biological functioning until they are nearly ready to wee their pants or faint with hunger. Some don’t listen to their emotions. They stuff it down and keep carrying on. They let the mind continuously override the heart regardless of how unhappy/exhausted/confused they truly feel.

Why do so many of us do this?

In a society geared toward productivity, competition,consumerism, & social status it is no wonder we are all so exhausted from trying to keep up. So many of us disconnect from our bodies so we can keep up with the fast pace.

So here’s some tips that I personally use and that I also suggest to clients:

🌿Everyone has their own pace. Find yours & own it! Create a schedule that works for your personal wellbeing.

🌿Check in with your body daily.
Ask yourself,”How does this feel in my body”? Tune in to your bodies wisdom.

🌿If you have children or spend time with any then also encourage them to check in with their bodies. Ask them “How does that feel in your body?” We don’t want to raise the next generation to stuff down their emotions too! 🤣

🌿Check-in with loved ones and share any instinctual intuitive feelings that arise.

The body truly is a compass for your life. LISTEN CLOSELY & LET IT GUIDE YOU.


Pulse Diagnosis

When you come to see me for a herb appointment I will always feel your pulse.
I first encountered pulse diagnosis when I was 19. I had the good fortune of meeting an older gentleman that was a master (yes a long white beard and nearing age 80) of pulse diagnosis at a meditation class. It was purely coincidental at the time, but the meeting awakened and shifted my path. The master read my friend’s pulse and asked what happened when she was 7 years old and what happened when she was 14 years old. At 7 her parents divorced and at 14 her father remarried a drug addict. The trauma that occurred at these two ages was stored in her pulse! He could feel it! My mind was blown. I began to receive treatments from the master while learning as much as I could in our sessions. I was fascinated by the pulse but eventually moved deeper into the study of plants.
Years later when I completed my clinical herbalist training in California I met another pulse master and had the good fortune to study with him as well. This further solidified so many concepts of pulse that I had explored years earlier.
I practice a form of pulse assessment that derives from traditional Chinese medicine. I think it takes a lifetime to truly reach the master status- so I usually am feeling for simple things. Often I feel a clients pulse looking for clues about their digestion, organ function, mental energy, too much heat, too little heat, tension, relaxation, the list goes on and on because every pulse is so different! Sometimes I can feel heartbreak or a pregnancy not yet known to the mother or deep stagnant cold in the womb. It is a very receptive practice. I am truly receiving so much information from the pulse which then helps me find the right herbal medicines for that person’s conditions.


Happy New Moon in Libra!


Today place your focus on redefining balance and harmony in your life and relationships. What does your soul long for to feel balanced and in flow? How can we relate to each other in more compassionate ways? How can we relate to ourselves in more compassionate ways?
Relationships will be going through a shift in the next few weeks. Focus on authentic expressions of your needs. Be prepared for this to be confronting for some and uncomfortable for others. This is okay. Growth and change can be uncomfortable. Progress can feel slow. It is usually only when we take a bird’s eye view that we truly see the bigger picture. Get out of your ego and deeper into your heart.
What consistent emotions keep popping up? What is the deeper message of these emotions?
Tread lightly with yourself and others. Be compassionate. The feeling of evolution can be disorienting. So stay grounded in simple and healthy practices of self-nourishment (tea, nature, baths etc). We have so many ideas projected on to us by the collective. We can see this Venus retrograde expressing on a large scale the way systems of government and structures of the world can harm and attempt to silence the feminine spirit in all its rainbow of expressions. The gentle, the sweet, the dreamers—- I see you gentlefolk. I see you paving a new way. The revolution is on the inside first. Begin there.


Our Cycles & Fertility

This is one of my favourite topics to teach because it is truly so transformative for women. We will be diving deep with all the practical information that you need to chart your cycle and learn what your monthly symptoms are communicating about your hormonal balance. I will also guide us through some meditations to connect with the archetype of Maiden, Mother, & Crone. There is SO much cultural conditioning around the menstrual cycles … so it is my goal that you leave empowered to make changes in your life to heal your cycle and work with it on a deeper level.




Things are blooming … Flowers medicine improves all aspects of life! 🌷🌼🌸🌻🌹🌺 I like to use Wisteria as a flower essence for healing and integrating aspects of one’s shadows of their sexual past especially experiences that connect to the wounding of the inner child. It is especially helpful for people who tend to follow the dating trends around them or people-pleasing instead of clarifying what they really want. It helps one identify the pain and shame while enabling one to integrate these past experiences into a new and more empowered place of sexuality. As in sexual sovereignty. As in really truly deeply knowing your needs and desires and being able to express your sexuality in a comfortable, playful, and safe way. I think we have to remove the cultural and social conditioning to really find our truth in this department of life!
I find this flower essence brings a gentle sweetness and joy for embodying a feminine experience regardless of your gender identity. Up close the individual flowers have a yoni-like shape in my opinion… so this plant also connects to fertility and all the shifts & expansion that happens sexually during and after procreation times.



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