Hello & welcome! My name is Caitlin Covington and I am a qualified and registered clinical herbalist, energy worker and founder of Flora Stone Apothecary.

I am trained under the tutelage of traditional healers and scientific-based clinicians in California, USA and my work combines the intuitive with the scientific to achieve healing at a core root level.

My clinical practice based in Melbourne focuses on using herbal medicine, flower essences and ceremony as a gateway for healing, transformation, and empowerment.

I work one-on-one with clients, teaches workshops and leads ceremonies to achieve greater states of health in the realms of menstruation, pregnancy, preconception/postpartum, hormonal balancing, detoxification, digestive issues and emotional/spiritual issues. 

Qualifications include; Bachelor in Health Arts and Sciences with a focus in Ecopsychology and Ethnobotany,  Certificate of Clinical Internship, Certificate of Herbal Foundations and Therapeutics, Astro-Herbalism Medical Astrology course, Integrative Health Studies Program with a focus on herbal medicine, homoeopathy, Ayurveda, holistic nutrition, and aromatherapy.