Online Moon Ceremonies & Circles

Join us online for moon ceremony & circle to connect each month with the medicine of each new & full moon. The intentional practice of Moon Ceremony will deepen your awareness of yourself, planetary cycles, & help prepare you for the month ahead. Each gathering begins with an update on the current astrology, then we open up the circle for those who feel called to share, and then we move into the moon ceremony portion of the evening.

It is ideal for you to have a quiet space where you can comfortably lay down and close your eyes. The great benefit of doing this work online is that you can drift off to sleep afterwards or grab a journal to process any insights gained during the ceremony.

Every moon ceremony is a unique reflection of the astrological moment we will share on the evening we gather. The ceremony incorporates guided breathwork, meditation, drumming, and medicine song. The space is held with love & compassion. All are welcome to attend.