Medicine Woman Apprenticeship

The purpose of the Medicine Woman Apprenticeship is for you to emerge ready to offer your medicine gifts to the community whether it be as a natural health practitioner, birthworker, women’s circle space-holder, energy worker etc.

If you are already on this path the Medicine Woman Apprenticeship will empower you to deepen your work. If you are newer to this path the Medicine Woman Apprenticeship will give you a clearer pathway to bringing your work out into the community. *Please note the specific requirements to make sure this apprenticeship is a good fit for you.  

Introduction To Herbal Medicine

Join us to open the gateway to the realm of medicinal plants through this online learning experience.

Herbal medicine is a pancultural healing tradition that all our ancestors used to thrive and survive. In this course we will return to understanding this fundamental earth-based medicine as a source of empowerment and body sovereignty.