Herbal Medicine – Initial
During a Herbal Medicine Healing Session we will identify concerns including chronic or acute conditions, and discuss treatments you have already tried.
To create a thorough understanding of your situation, we will take a full inventory of your medical history and life experiences and develop a thorough assessment on your constitutional weakness and strengths.

These sessions are perfect to address preconception care, menstrual health, mental health, digestive and gut health, and many other physical and mental considerations.

These sessions are also very useful for those in good health who are looking to gain a deeper understanding of their body’s tendencies.

We will end the session by devising a customised herbal formula and treatment plan. Herbs are an additional cost.

$150.00 (AUD)

Herbal Medicine – Follow up
Within one – two weeks after your first initial Herbal Medicine appointment we will follow up to reflect and sicuss any shifts or changes that have occured. From here we will review the treatment plan and herbal formula and then make any necessary adjustments.

Moving forward, clients can visit monthly (for formula refills and Maintenance Sessions) or as needed once proper progress is made depending upon one’s needs. Herbs are an additional cost.

$110.00 (AUD)

Caitlin is currently taking on a limited amount of new clients. Send us an email and we will discuss your needs and check availability.

Flora Stone Healing 
In a Healing Session we will work on an energetic level to see deep into your experience. These sessions are perfect for when you feel stuck, heartbroken or need to tap into your intuition.

We will begin by checking in to see where you need guidance or support. You will then receive gentle Reiki energy work and sound medicine. Caitlin will use plants and stones to bring additional support and guidance. We will finish with an energetic clearing and intention setting. A custom flower essence or tea may be prescribed for you at an additional cost.

$150.00 (AUD)