One-on-one healing sessions

These sessions are a private personal ceremony created for you with a combination of plant, stone, and sound medicine. We begin by chatting so I can get an intuitive sense of where you are at and what you are looking to shift or heal. I adapt every session so it is different and tailored to your needs. These sessions are helpful for times of emotional overwhelm, heartbreak, or feeling disconnected. They help you connect deeply with yourself to find your own truth and healing.⁣ Most people heal more deeply from a more gentle approach so there is a focus on using natural remedies to bring your health back into alignment.

Herbal Medicine – initial

We will identify concerns including chronic or acute conditions, and discuss treatments you have already tried. We will take a full inventory of your medical history and life experiences to make a thorough assessment on your constitutional weakness and strengths. These sessions are also very useful for those in good health and looking to gain a deeper understanding of their body’s tendencies. We will end the session by devising a customised herbal formula and treatment plan. Herbs are an additional cost.

Herbal Medicine – follow up

We will review the effects of the treatment plan and herbal formula and then make any necessary adjustments. We will also discuss any shifts or changes occurring for you. A follow-up session is required within a week or two after an Initial Whole Health Consultation so that Caitlin can monitor your response to the herbs. Afterwards, clients can visit monthly (for formula refills and Maintenance Sessions) or as needed once proper progress is made depending upon one’s needs. Herbs are an additional cost.

Flora Stone Healing 

We will work on an energetic level to see deep into your experience—wonderful for when you feel stuck, heartbroken or need to tap into your intuition. We will begin by checking in to see where you need guidance or support. You will then receive gentle Reiki energy work and sound medicine. Caitlin will use plants and stones to bring additional support and guidance. We will finish with an energetic clearing and intention setting. A custom flower essence or tea may be prescribed for you at an additional cost.

Preconception Care 

We’ll review your hormonal health history to identify a treatment that will aid your body in preparation for conception and pregnancy. These appointments are highly educational in nature and if not already known, you will learn how to chart your cycle to identify ovulation. You will receive a custom herbal medicine, diet, and lifestyle treatment plan to support your preconception journey. It is ideal to do this preparation 3-12 months before planning to conceive.
*Video chat available

Menstrual Health 

During these one-on-one appointments, we review your menstrual history to identify longstanding issues, current symptoms, and previous treatment.
I address the full spectrum of menstrual symptoms as well as PCOS, endometriosis, & transitioning off hormonal birth control.
Sessions are highly educational and you will learn to understand your menstrual symptoms and chart your cycle to achieve or prevent pregnancy.
Applicable to all menstruating people; teens especially encouraged to attend with their caregivers. ⁣You will have a custom herbal regimen prescribed for you to bring your hormones into a state of balance.
⁣*Video chat available

Children (age 5 to teen)

We’ll discuss your child’s health history and current symptoms to identify areas of concern. I use flower essences, herbal medicine, dietary, & lifestyle changes to treat a variety of chronic or acute issues including digestive disturbances, emotional upset, colds/flu, allergies, & skin issues. We will be guided by the needs of your child and will give them time to share their experience. You will receive a detailed treatment plan and custom herbal formula for your child (herbs additional).